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An axe might be a play on words to ask something to who ever might be around you in the dream. A axe used to chop wood so it might be a metaphor for a need to assert ones sexual control. Sigmund Freud also suggested it had a sexual connotation to it. Wood comes from a tree and a tree might have more of a significant meaning to it. Trees are symbols of physical and spiritual nourishment, transformation and liberation, sustenance, spiritual growth, union and fertility.

May represent an authority figure.

For men and those who identify as male, seeing an axe at some point during a dream vision suggests you would be capable of, talented at or well-suited for traditionally masculine tasks and activities. For example, you may possess the skills and disposition to make a good firefighter, military officer or executive. While this may be a strength in some situations, it would be wise to use your talents to your advantage but avoid falling into the traps that come with ignoring other aspects of your personality.

For women and those who identify as female, the image of an axe takes on a special meaning. It portends meeting or being introduced to someone you would consider a real man. Whether you go for more traditional qualities like strength and bravery or prefer more modern men who are in touch with their sensitive side, this symbol suggests this male would soon enter your life. The probability of this occurring depends on how much action the axe was taking in the vision. If the axe did not move or barely moved at all, this man may simply pass by under your radar. However, if someone was using the axe or if it moved around during the vision, it is more likely that his presence would be brought to your attention.

Grabbing or reaching for an axe is a neutral symbol in the realm of dreams that reflects your position in relationships, particularly romantic ones or marriage. It symbolizes your power and influence over your partner, suggesting that either they tend to submit or be subordinate when it comes to decision-making or that you exert your authority to make it that way. Given the power present in this image, the situation is unlikely to change at any point in the near future.

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An axe in general

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