At a restaurant with wounded arms Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about At a restaurant with wounded arms explained:

Seeing arms thickly covered in hair in a dream predicts tough times ahead. Arms covered in dense, matted hair symbolize trials and tribulations, the result of which could cause a loss of face or embarrassment. It is important, however, that these difficulties will not be permanent. Remember - *Tough times do not last, but tough people do*.

Being in a restaurant or a diner in a dream may be a metaphor for being served or serving others. It may also suggest that you are seeking emotional or spiritual nourishment, or food for thought.

Dreaming of seeing a wounded lion means you are going to have to work harder to defend your opinions and beliefs whenever you hear feedback from others about your views.

May symbolize family and ancestral ties.

A dream in which you observe a wounded man is indicative of ominous connotations. It could be a forewarning that someone who is very close to you might have to confront severe tests and obstacles in life. These dire circumstances could result in the loss of property, wealth and close relations for this particular person and might also become a cause of critical and grave physical and psychological trauma.

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