A wounded body

A wounded body Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent self-esteem and/or insecurities.

Dreaming of seeing a wounded lion means you are going to have to work harder to defend your opinions and beliefs whenever you hear feedback from others about your views.

A dream in which you observe a wounded man is indicative of ominous connotations. It could be a forewarning that someone who is very close to you might have to confront severe tests and obstacles in life. These dire circumstances could result in the loss of property, wealth and close relations for this particular person and might also become a cause of critical and grave physical and psychological trauma.

A wounded or injured goat may represent any number of positive shifts or complete transformations taking place in reality, despite the sad or pitiful imagery. The type of development taking place in your life could vary greatly. For example, you may soon receive a lucrative job offer, move to a new city or meet some new and interesting individuals. These changes would give you the chance to start on a new path and leave the troubles that plagued your past behind.

A wounded crow is a dream symbol associated with familial conflict or disagreements with loved ones. For instance, you may come across a wounded crow in this dream by the side of the road or in your backyard. Regardless of the context, this particular image symbolizes unexpected issues that would drive a wedge between you and a family member or your significant other. As such, the crow's injury represents the state of your relationship with a loved one. You would have to think about the other person's feelings if you do not want your bond to break.

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  6. Bandaged body - Dreaming about seeing your own or someone else's body bandaged or tied up in ropes bears truly positive connotations. It suggests that the person in the dream would be blessed with longevity, good for... Learn More!
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  8. Your own body - Dreaming about observing your own body is a positive symbol. It can foretell an upcoming marriage or engagement. Such relationship would be harmonious, fulfilling and satisfactory. Alternatively, the ... Learn More!
  9. Dismembered body - Dreaming about seeing a dismembered body often is a negative sign. It could reveal some impendent unfortunate or unfavorable event or circumstance. The situation would be very upsetting and disturbing... Learn More!
  10. Body in shackles - Dreaming about having or seeing your or someone else's body in shackles or chained is an unfavorable presage. It is often associated with the notions of illness, poor health, disorders of various sort... Learn More!

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