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To dream about Being treated from cancer explained:

To dream that you are diagnosed with cancer represents your internal factors in your life. The emotions you feel are worthless, sad and self pity. You need to find out what causing you to feel this way and nip it in the bud before it spreads. If somebody you love has cancer, symbolizes that you don’t want to let that person go. If you are cured and cancer free in your dream represents a new beginning in your life. You might want to reflect whats in your life that has the same qualities as cancer. Is someone or something eating away at you or making you hurt? Are you worried about your health?

In waking life cancer’s negative cells grow and eat away at the good cells in your body. In dreams, it can be a metaphor for some kind of negativity that is eating away at you. It may be your negative thoughts or behavior or it may be a negative or toxic person or relationship that is eating away at your happiness and your life. Where the cancer appears in your dream may provide more insight.

Having cancer or being diagnosed with it in a dream vision, whether or not you have it in reality, is not related to your health or well-being in reality. Rather, this dream symbol represents your mental health and personality. With that interpretation, it is easy to see that the cancer is a direct reflection of negativity, hypochondria and general dark energy surrounding you. If you continue to focus on the bad, you are likely to attract the very things you worry about most. Therefore, it is in your best interest to focus your energy on the positive aspects of life and avoid dwelling on the bad.

To dream that you are sick with cancer, for example seeing yourself undergo chemotherapy and getting bald as a result of the treatment, could indicate a major quarrel with a romantic partner, leading to episodes of stress, depression and total indifference toward your daily routines and life plans. In addition, growing feelings of alienation from your partner may give you worries and concerns about your mutual future, thus adding further to your disengagement in general. It may be time to re-asses your life values and priorities, and see where you may need to improve things.

May represent someone born under the sign of Cancer.

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