Boyfriend leaving on a train

Boyfriend leaving on a train Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

Train dreams are very important to the dreamer that shouldn’t be overlooked whenever we get them. Trains get you from one stop to another, or maybe one stage of your life to another. This can be anything from business or mental advancement in your life. Some say train was linked to the male sex organ as the tunnel would suggest the women. If you are on the train, trying to get on, observing or missing it can change the meaning entirely. Dream analyst Sigmund Freud suggested that a train might be an ending as he was petrified of them. What is in the next stop will act as a metaphor for you to decode. Did you get off on the next stop? In that case you might be ready for the next stop in your life which can be a very positive sign. Was the train derailed? That might mean that you might be heading off track in your life. What was the mood like in your dream and where were you going? It also might be a sexual connotation to it as well, a train going through a tunnel.

Having a dream wherein you suddenly realize that you are on a wrong train suggests that your life is currently heading for a wrong direction. You need to halt, look back, reassess and review your aims, goals and priorities and appropriately set them right towards a correct direction. Failing to do so now may become too late to correct.

A dream vision featuring your son departing from your household such as when leaving for college or deciding to start living on his own is usually interpreted as a quite unfavorable sign. It is very likely that the ambiance and mood inside your family could significantly deteriorate in the upcoming future, possibly even resulting in yourself ceasing all contacts with a certain relative or even multiple family members. Keep in mind that the described developments would not be necessarily related to your son or sons in any way.

Having a dream in which you find a derailed train or a train which is about to get derailed points to an unfavorable period during which you might face hostile circumstances, a possibility of running out of your luck and undergoing a bleak period while you are working on your current plans and aspirations and trying to accomplish things in life.

Having a dream in which you see or observe a freight goods train and if you are into sales or trading, it suggests that there are positive signs of receiving profit and your being successful in your business or with the transactions you are currently indulging into.

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