Children being molested Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Children being molested explained:

Dreams of this nature are signs that you are being taken advantage of by someone who is more powerful. Do you feel violated in any shape or form in your life right now? If you have been molested and you are dreaming about the experience then we think you should speak to a professional in the field.

Do you have childlike behaviors? Do you need to take a break from being an adult and start to go back to a more playful enjoyable life?

Being near mute children in a dream is a highly ill omen. It can be interpreted as a sign meaning others would soon spread rumors or unflattering gossip about you when you're not around to defend yourself. Furthermore, trying to interact or communicate with mute children or kids who are unable to verbalize their needs in a dream vision may portend someone close to you passing away in the near future. This could be a family member, a relative from your extended family or a close friend.

Envisioning sick children is often a terrible omen to perceive as it predicts some issue popping up out of nowhere and destroying your domestic bliss. There would be many troubles and conflicts within your family unit, including misunderstanding and distrust. This vision should be considered a warning to watch out for trouble before it starts or to be aware that an accident may occur which would cause these difficulties to affect your daily life. Additionally, if the sick child you saw was in the hospital, it may further reveal a situation where you would be the recipient of bad or unfortunate news.

A dream in which you see naked children is a warning of the approaching demise of a loved one or a close relative. It is indicative of bad tidings which you might receive in the near future and which may cause you much pain and grief.

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Children being molested

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