Cooking with the boss and not gettting m Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Cooking with the boss and not gettting m explained:

Since we spend 40 or more hours a week at our jobs, it shouldn’t be surprising to dream of work, your boss and/or your coworkers.

May symbolize love or a desire to be loved.

A dream in which you see yourself preparing rice dishes is symbolic of the new responsibilities which you would undertake. These obligations would be necessary for you to fulfill in order to live a life which is balanced and blissful and which would improve your standard of living as well as greatly benefit your existence.

Dreaming that you are cooking octopus, such that when you buy a fresh octopus from the market and start cleaning it in your kitchen in preparation of an exotic cuisine to serve to your guests, could contain a possibility of being blackmailed or intimidated by someone in the near future. You should steer clear away from shady individuals or activities in your waking life to avoid this negative situation. On the other hand, the vision could also be significant of an upcoming sickness or getting injured in an unwanted accident. It would do you good to be mindful about your health and daily activities.

Dreaming of not having enough air, perhaps because you are in an enclosed space, implies a craving for social interaction. Maybe you have willingly or inadvertently isolated yourself from others and you are now feeling lonely. This desire to interact with people again means going to parties and maybe even seeking out events where you would likely meet new friends. In addition, if you are also having difficulty breathing in air, then this could point to a creative block or your inability to find inspiration which is negatively affecting your work.

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Cooking with the boss and not gettting m

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