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To dream about Dreaming with ball game explained:

To see a ball or balls in your dream, represents being “On The Ball” with a situation. If you so happen to see a ball in movement, symbolizes that your on the move. Depending the type of ball dream, having balls in your dream suggest that your a tough person. Sort of like a play on words “You Got Balls”.

May symbolize playing ball -- going along with the way someone else wants to do something.

If you dream that you are part of the game, it symbolizes that you are powerless and others have command over your actions in life. Having a dream where you are engulfed in a video games signifies how you handle things in your waking life. Are you winning the game or losing? What type of game are you playing? If you are winning the game it suggests that you are capable of easily getting out of a situation, instead of going face to face with it. On the other hand, if you are losing the game it indicates that you are having trouble sorting out things in your life.

A dream about having fun and enjoying games signifies that you should relax a bit and kick back, have some fun in your life and stop stressing so much.

Watching a ball of lightning fall from the sky is a highly ominous sign to see in a dream vision as it portends an invasion of an extraterrestrial nature. However, if the ball of lightning injured someone through force of impact or burns, it could represent drastic changes in the environment brought on by pollution and other man-made chemicals. Returning to the previous state and restoring the plant and wildlife which once thrived there could prove difficult, if not impossible.

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