Escaping a dangerous game

Escaping a dangerous game Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

If you dream that you are part of the game, it symbolizes that you are powerless and others have command over your actions in life. Having a dream where you are engulfed in a video games signifies how you handle things in your waking life. Are you winning the game or losing? What type of game are you playing? If you are winning the game it suggests that you are capable of easily getting out of a situation, instead of going face to face with it. On the other hand, if you are losing the game it indicates that you are having trouble sorting out things in your life.

A dream about having fun and enjoying games signifies that you should relax a bit and kick back, have some fun in your life and stop stressing so much.

Running away from Satan and his minions represents much the same in wake life, namely that you are trying to avoid the negative influence of someone above you. This individual may seem to make benign requests or suggestions, but you can tell (at least subconsciously) that there is more to this situation than meets the eye. Successfully leaving through the gates and being unafraid suggests you can escape and move on with your life and, additionally, are likely to prosper because of your ability to follow the truth in your heart.

Dreaming about trying to escape from bears, such as envisioning yourself breathlessly running and stumbling in the woods or possibly climbing a tree, suggests an unexpected place for lovemaking. You could soon have a very exciting and pleasurable sexual encounter with your current lover or a new flame. A large factor that contribute to the pleasure is the location. It may be an area in a public place and the idea of possibly getting caught would make it more exhilarating for the both of you.

If you dream about witnessing a miracle of nature involving several male bees injecting a queen bee during a midflight mating frenzy, it hints of a stinging failure in your own life. These are tough times for your career, project or business endeavor, when you would try hard enough but nothing substantial would ever be achieved despite your best efforts. Sometimes, the proper response to this situation might be to accept it with a sigh of resignation so you could move on to a new undertaking, or to let it pass.

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