Looking at bananas Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Looking at bananas explained:

A dream about a banana may be a reference to a penis or male sexuality or energy.

One of the best phallic symbols you can get in a dream. To dream of a banana represents the penis and the sexual urges that are behind it. Was the banana rotten? Did you eat the banana? Were you disgusted by it? All of these questions you should ask yourself to better understand your feeling towards it issue. If you are in a relationship the type of dream can indicate issues that you have with your partner.

Dreaming about buying bananas at a supermarket could be a forewarning. Namely, you should be careful and watch your every action. This is because you might be dealing with powerful and influential people. These individuals could easily create some undesired problems and headaches. In order to avoid such disastrous outcomes, close attention to your conduct and behavior might be necessary.

Dreaming about eating or handling unripe or green bananas is a forewarning. You might benefit from interacting with people in a more thoughtful and careful way. This especially applies to meeting and dealing with individuals who may express their sexual interest, affection and attraction toward you. It is better not to lead them astray by pursuing any sexual activities with them, for it may have negative consequences. That is, the relationship is not ripe for sexual intercourse.

Dreaming about finding yourself selling bananas could symbolize irrelevant dealings. Specifically, you could soon become involved with activities, projects or plans that are worthless to you. You would find no interest, value, meaning, satisfaction or joy in that particular endeavor. It is possible that you might quit or at least feel tempted to abandon these pursuits.

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Looking at bananas

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