Looking through a glassy surface Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Looking through a glassy surface explained:

Dreaming about being on the sea surface symbolizes ruined expectations because having lots of carnal pleasures in your life may lead to spiritual emptiness, which can be very difficult to deal with.

Dreaming that you find yourself in the middle of the ocean and observe its vast surface stretching towards the horizon could be a sign of forthcoming trips to distant places. For example, you could be about to engage in some business travelling. Alternatively, you could soon pay a visit to some faraway friend or acquaintance.

Dreaming about looking for work signifies financial gains and favorable turnouts in terms of projects or business ventures which are currently being carried out by you or still in the planning stage. If these undertakings are given enough time, attention and care, they will flourish and become excellent sources of income not only for you but also for other people involved in such projects or business ventures.

Dreaming about encountering a handsome and attractive man, with a muscular body and impeccable manners is symbolic of the good vibes in your life. Its an indication that you are about to strike it rich and become affluent. It also signifies that you would be completely content with what life has to offer for you.

Walking on uneven asphalt surface symbolizes disappointments. You will experience a low period in your life as you face some big upsets that may dampen your mood for a while. You may also regret some of the decisions or events that happened in the past and this may pull you down for a while.

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