Meat of a ram

Meat of a ram Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

For female readers, dreaming about raw meat is indicative of an upcoming period of hardships and difficulties in the process of completing a current project or undertaking. On the other hand, cooked meat for female dreamers indicates that the very things they are hoping to acquire or achieve would be obtained and realized by their own rivals or competitors. For example, the man of their dreams might end up not on their lap but in the hands of another girl, or their expected promotion at work could go to somebody else, much to their disappointment and envy.

Red or raw meat represents some hardships in your path. These could be linked to a particular project you have underway or a certain goal you are working on accomplishing. As long you keep your eye on the objective, any issue that may arise shouldn't be able to stop you from reaching it.

When combined together, the symbols of the goat and meat have a fairly negative connotation. Dreaming of goats symbolizes your behavior toward others that comes across as rude or in poor taste. The people around you, friends, colleagues, etc., may be a bit put off by your antics. Imagining pieces of meat predicts going through a period of sadness due to rejection or separation from others. By making people feel uncomfortable, you may find yourself alienated from the group unless you make an effort to behave in a more socially acceptable, appropriate manner.

Dreaming about selecting and buying a ram signals ringing of wedding bells, suggesting possibilities of a matrimonial alliance soon getting materialized for you. This relationship with a person of your choice as a spouse, will result in a very happy, mutually-beneficial and flourishing union.

Having a dream about eating fried meat is a reflection of falling under the influence of others. You tend to live in the shadow of someone who you consider is more powerful or capable than you. You always assume the role of a follower, content of where others would lead you to and afraid of leading the way yourself. As a result, you are virtually at the mercy of others, being unable to stand on your own two feet.

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