Petting a ram Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Petting a ram explained:

May symbolize affection or comfort.

Dreaming about selecting and buying a ram signals ringing of wedding bells, suggesting possibilities of a matrimonial alliance soon getting materialized for you. This relationship with a person of your choice as a spouse, will result in a very happy, mutually-beneficial and flourishing union.

Dreaming about a peacefully grazing ram which was easily approachable without causing you any fear, predicts getting to know some people. Being influential and highly-placed in the society, they would be capable of helping you in achieving success in life and climbing higher up the social hierarchy, as you might have visualized for yourself since long.

Dreaming about herding a ram or a group of several rams indicates your capability to ascend to greater heights within a short period of time in your professional career or achieve remarkable success in your work.

Softly stroking and petting a cat in your dreams means you are able to avoid upcoming problems or issues, or you are able to face problems or issues in your life and successfully solve them whenever they occur.

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Petting a ram

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