Praying by the altar

Praying by the altar Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent spirit or spirituality.

A dream in which you envision God praying must be considered a forewarning. It indicates that you will come to greatly regret or repent your past actions. You would try your level best to undo all your misdeeds and ask forgiveness for all your misconduct.

A dream in which you envision praying to God must be considered a forewarning. It's an indication that you need to ask forgiveness or be remorseful of your past sins by visiting a shrine or a church. This vision is an indication that you need to devote more time to the religious side of your life and following this repentance you must try to inculcate the 10 Commandments in your life in order to bring improvement in your life.

To see an altar in ruins whether it is partially ruined or completely destroyed is a sign that you will engage in a scientific or commercial opportunity that will allow you to explore new things.

Dreaming about seeing a church altar could translate the availability of support. Namely, it is possible that you could be about to go through a time of need. However, those with whom you have a close relationship with would offer their help, advice and support. Moreover, you could rely on their assistance for the resolution of your problem, including employment or business issues.

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