Kneeling before altar

Kneeling before altar Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

May represent spirit or spirituality.

Kneeling in your dream indicates that you are open to the ideas of others. You are also not a selfish person and have a very humble personality.

To see an altar in ruins whether it is partially ruined or completely destroyed is a sign that you will engage in a scientific or commercial opportunity that will allow you to explore new things.

Dreaming about seeing a church altar could translate the availability of support. Namely, it is possible that you could be about to go through a time of need. However, those with whom you have a close relationship with would offer their help, advice and support. Moreover, you could rely on their assistance for the resolution of your problem, including employment or business issues.

To see an altar with a priest standing right next to it can be an omen of looming difficulties getting ready to affect your life. This will also produce a series of arguments amongst the immediate family or create conflicts within your business relationships.

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  1. Kneeling before altar - Seeing yourself kneeling before an altar is a good sign that your long-awaited dreams or goals are about to become a reality in your life sooner than you once thought.... Learn More!
  2. Ritual by the altar - To see a ritual by the altar is a disturbing sign that suggests you will be subjected to extreme and cruel treatment in life. For example, you may have to experience a long-term period of separation f... Learn More!
  3. Praying and kneeling - To dream that you are praying and kneeling after you accepted the body of Christ during a holy communion mass in a church, could mean big losses coming to you in the future. The losses may be either m... Learn More!
  4. Praying by the altar - Praying by the altar while in close proximity to it is a sign that you are about to receive a much needed solution to a lingering family problem and will now be able to experience a time period of pea... Learn More!
  5. Body bowing or kneeling - Dreaming about bowing or kneeling before someone, or observing yourself doing so, commonly is an auspicious symbol. This especially applies if the other person was an elder. It could translate upcomin... Learn More!
  6. Getting married by altar - Seeing yourself getting married by an altar is an omen of a gloomy incident or circumstance happening in the life of one of your dear friends. This dream can also be a sign that you need to stop harbo... Learn More!
  7. Inspecting altar up-close - To see yourself inspecting an altar close up in order to pay attention to its particular details is a warning that you are about to make a possible error in judgment that you will eventually regret.... Learn More!
  8. Mother kneeling over a grave - You have not specified whether your mother is alive, and if she is, the image of her being near a grave means that she is about to receive a news or other type of information from very far away. If th... Learn More!
  9. Pacing or circling around altar - To dream of pacing or circling around an altar while in close proximity to it is a warning to take caution lest you find yourself taking unnecessary steps to achieve a goal with little or no fruitful ... Learn More!
  10. Kneeling before a handicapped woman and son walking in - Dreams containing imagery of coming into contact or being around disabled or crippled people is a reflection of your anxiety and concerns about lonely existence you anticipate ahead. The subsequent ap... Learn More!

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