Pursued by an evil clown Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Pursued by an evil clown explained:

May represent the Shadow or rejected aspects of Self.

If you feel bad about doing something or taking part in something you enjoy because of spiritual or ethical issues it comes out in your dream in the form of evil. Dreaming of evil represents inner conflicts with feelings or actions that you keep trying to suppress because you believe them to be wrong or dangerous to others.

May symbolize foolish behavior.

Wanting your inner child to come out or confronting your shadow archetype.

The image of a sad clown, either as a real person or a picture of some type, sheds light on some of the fears or concerns present in your current circle of companions. Your friends and family may be worried about whether they can really trust you to do something or act in a certain way, and that lack of trust may have the additional effect of actually making you react in just the way they do not want. You may also feel sad, upset or hurt due to the negative emotions circling around you during this time.

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Pursued by an evil clown

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