Unable to move because of a strange hand Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Unable to move because of a strange hand explained:

Hands are one of the most useful body parts. Dreams of them signify your feelings of leadership and communication with the world. To see someone else hand is a message your unconscious telling you that you need to accept the help being offered to you or you need to look for help. If it is your hand outstretched then you should reach out and help someone. If you dream of your right hand it could be a pun representing someone who is close to you and does almost everything with you.

May represent someone or something you perceive to be unique, unusual or peculiar.

This vision in the dream could be an indication of some powerful or authoritative person trying to control or manipulate you. If the bite in this dream was somewhat painless, you could expect that someone might try to interfere with or create obstacles in the way you are trying to undertake some important projects or activities. Be careful how you communicate with or present yourself to this individual.

If you see an army on the move in your dreams, this signifies that your negative feelings will overpower you, to the point that they will hinder you from reaching your goals. In turn, this will cause you much torment and despair.

Dreams about seeing or observing the left hand, especially your own, are an ill omen of coming betrayal. The types of betrayals indicated by visions of the left hand usually are related to a lover, partner or spouse, the most common form being cheating. The result of this deceptive tryst might cause a rift in the relationship or physical separation, which in turn could lead to a period of time filled with loneliness and heart-break.

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Unable to move because of a strange hand

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