10 Hours Of Deep Sleep and Relaxing Music

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10 Hours Of Deep Sleep With Relaxing Music

People of all ages reported better sleep quality after listening to soothing music. To support the anecdotal notion that relaxation is a major reason for choosing music as a sleep aid, the survey for the first time identified a large collection of motivators who use music to sleep ungesturbed.

The most common reason for using music as a sleep aid was to fall asleep faster. People with longer sleep latencies (more than 10 minutes) saw shorter sleep phases (2) and deeper sleep if calming music was played in the first hour after bedtime.

In addition to facilitating faster sleep and improving sleep quality, playing music before bed improves sleep efficiency, i.e. The more time you have before bed, the better. It has been reported that masking external sounds can lead to poor sleep quality and is a significant motivation to use music to sleep better. More encouragingly, better sleep quality appears to have a cumulative effect: Study participants reported better sleep as they incorporated music into their routines.

Music can also help drown out nocturnal noise, be it from the street, from an airplane or from noisy neighbors, and increase sleep efficiency. Research studies have investigated different genres and playlists, but there is no clear consensus on what the optimal music is for sleep.

Here at TellMeMyDream we have developed a sister-website called Music and Relaxing, which is basically a YouTube Channel with all sorts of music for sleep and relaxing.

The collection of music to sleep and realx is growin every day, they have wonderful music to help you beat insomins, releve anxiety, meditate, calm down, reset your mind, and heal in all aspects of life.

Another benefit of the videos and music found on Music and Relaxing is that the videos appeal to use Black Screens, this is to help with your phone to save battery time and avoid screen bur-in, whicle allowing you to have the room where you are unaffected by lights and glares.

We highly recommend you check them out, you will be glad that you did.

Their YouTube Channel is https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCmohMgmmUuS3x2D4xE7GsHA

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