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To Dream Of A Quilt (Meaning Of Quilt In A Dream )

If you have a dream of covering yourself with a blanket, it means you want to hide a secret from your loved ones. A dream of selling the blanket means that your partner or close friends will accuse you of being insensitive. The dream of wrapping yourself in blankets suggests that someone is out to humiliate you.

If you dream of stealing a blanket, that means that you waste too much of your precious time on trivial things. No one will want to spend too much time on their problems. If you dream of a dirty blanket, it means hurting someone who is unlucky.

The dream that a blanket is warm symbolizes that you are lucky and that life is comfortable and stable. The dream of someone giving up the blanket suggests that you are starving.

A married woman dreams of a comfortable blanket, which suggests that her husband is being promoted to wealth and prosperity. In this dream, her husband is promoted to become developed, wealthy and rich.

A married man dreams of being covered by a blanket - which implies that he is separated from his wife and for some time has to take on family responsibilities. An unmarried man or woman dreams of a quilt, suggesting that he or she has found a partner. The dream of a married man to be put under a blanket implies that the man is separated from the woman and must bear family responsibility for a certain period of time.

A married woman dreams of covering herself with a blanket to make her life happy. An unmarried man dreams of being covered with blankets after marrying a beautiful girl. A young woman's dream means that her expediency and audacity interest a man in her and he wants to marry her.

Seeing you covered with a blanket in your dream may indicate that you are staying away from people for a while. When you dream of being covered with a blanket, it means setting aside your desires and needs for those you love. Seeing a quilted blanket or quilt in your dream is a symbol that your wishes will not come true if you hide the quilt from yourself.

A dream of a blanket can mean you try to hide in your waking life from a situation. The dream of a big blanket means that you want to cover up something important. A dream can be a play on words that you also find kitschy in your waking life.

When you see a new, clean blanket in a dream, it means that you have achieved what you want to achieve. Seeing yourself with a blanket as a dream means that you are a leader in the community, collecting and doing good things.

Dreaming of a dirty blanket is carelessness in clothes and manner. Seeing a blanket that is dirty in your dream can mean that you envy someone who has too much dirt, disturbance and odor on your property. If you see in your dreams a person who is swelling up, it means that you are being shown as a candidate for leadership in the community.

A dream blanket means harmony, protection, warmth and comfortable conditions. A patchwork rug indicates that many parts of the dreamers "lives are put together and sewn together to cover the skin and provide protection and warmth to the body and soul. A quilted dream represents random aspects of your personality and life experiences that are interwoven.

Your dream blanket reflects the events of the day and offers an outlet and a safe way to express pent-up emotions. Dreams of a luxurious blanket suggest that your life will get richer as your wealth increases. The dream of a warm blanket symbolizes that one is lucky and leads a comfortable and stable life.

You can expect an improvement in your business, your physical condition and your social standing if you dream of a duvet. The dream of a luxurious blanket is an omen of growing prosperity, while a patchwork blanket means domestic happiness. Dreams of a patchwork quilt predict perplexity in your future business and marriage.

In this dream, receiving a blanket as a gift means seeking comfort in the wrong place. When you dream of receiving a blanket, it symbolizes your need for protection.

To see yourself covered with a horse blanket in a dream can be a warning. Dreams of being stuffed with cotton blankets can indicate that one is rich and will lead a comfortable and stable life in the future. Dreaming of a blanket, however, can also mean that you will experience a famine.

In this dream, the sight of a bed draped with a noble silk blanket or duvet is a symbol of your growing aversion to exuberance and a life of miserable excess. The dream of a rat in your bedroom is symbolic of an impending brawl or altercation between you and your colleagues or people in your everyday life. A dream of quarantine suggests that someone is desperate for your help, but is afraid to ask.

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