Using Music For Lucid Dreaming

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Clear-sighted dreamers go beyond mere consciousness to control the actions of themselves and others in dreams. By controlling your dreams, you can explore the deeper symbols of your subconscious mind. In a soothing, calm gamma brain wave state, clear dreamers train their minds to work toward their personal goals during sleep.

Since lucid dreams are associated with higher brain activity it has been suggested that lucid dreams could reduce sleep quality and have negative effects on sleep hygiene. Other studies have argued that clear-sighted dreaming can have a negative effect on mental health, because it can disrupt sleep and cause dreamers to blur the line between reality and fantasy. Because of the clarity, nightmare sufferers can recognize that the nightmare they are experiencing is not real and turn it into a positive or neutral dream.

The sense of clarity is one aspect of dreaming that can be triggered by various means. When you dream, your brainwaves move from theta (when your mind is awake) to something else and create something you are not aware of. Studies as the phenomenon of dreaming in which the sleeper takes control of various aspects of his environment have shown that this is not always the case and that some people are more prone to clear dreams and control than others.

If you want to learn how to create lucid dreams, one of the easiest ways to create lucid dreams is to use binaural beats to bind your brain to theta and delta brain wave frequencies. The hypnagogical state of consciousness, a transitional state between being awake and beginning to sleep during sleep, is a relaxed, dreamlike state that biohackers call the threshold phase of consciousness, which is ideal for clear dreaming. It is much easier to create a lucid dream state with a binaural beat than to try it alone.

Our Partner Site is a YouTube Channel created with the sole intention of providing you with music to help you sleep and relax, and their collection also includes music using iscochrinic tones, delta and gamma waves in order to help you get into a stare of lucid dreaming. Theis beautiful binaural beats and isochronous sounds can be used as a portal to symbolize clear dreaming as a gateway to unlimited possibilities.

Be aware thab when you experience the surreal world of dreams, it is often because people do not believe you and underestimate what you are going through even though they know you for years. I know this because I have managed to make music in my dreams several times.

The only thing that exists is your true inner self which goes as far as our eyes can see beyond the physical world. The idea of controlling any aspect of the event, the environment or even the color of the dream seems impossible. The fun of living a dream is doing stunts, flying and travelling to unknown places.

So, are you ready to induce in yourself some lucid dreaming? Go now to Music and Relaxig, choose a music track to induce deep sleeping or lucid dreaming and ENJOY!

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