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To dream about Followed by foxes and pregnant explained:

Envisioning yourself in the process of hunting a particular fox or a pack of foxes could be interpreted as a sign of upcoming engagement in morally dubious behavior. In many cases, this symbol is associated with activities related to fraud or two-faced behavior. In the first sense, this refers to money related issues where you could lose wealth due to a poor investment or identity theft. The second is more commonly connected to becoming part of an extramarital affair or being seduced for the other person's gain. In either case, you are likely to feel a loss of self-esteem, causing you both physical and mental pain for many years to come.

Dreaming about animals represented by foxes can be a sign of possible deceit, dealing with cunning and dishonest people, or getting involved in a relationship with an unfaithful person.

Being pregnant in your dream symbolizes having an unhappy life with your prospective husband. It can also mean that you will have unattractive children.

A pregnant child in dreams typically refers to growth and development. On the one hand, you may feel like your granddaughter is growing up too fast for you to get the most out of her childhood. On the other hand, it is also possible that her pregnancy is a metaphor for your stronger bond. Perhaps you have shared quite a lot of moments together which makes you feel like you are now closer that you have ever been. So much so that the dynamics of your relationship may have inspired you to reignite some of the interests and passion you may have lost over the years. In that sense, the baby your granddaughter is carrying in the dream vision could likely represent your own renewed drive for creativity and discovery.

Pregnant women who dream of the sun, for instance while in a yacht on a cruise or by a lake during summer, could mean giving birth to a baby girl. The warm, golden sun symbolizes a ray of sunshine that this baby girl would bring into your existence. It is also an indication of your optimism about the future ahead as a mother, wife and woman in general. It also points to happiness and your nurturing presence to the child as you raise her. Despite the difficulties of raising a baby girl, the happiness and gratitude would still shine through.

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