Standing next to admiral Dream Meaning and Dream Interpretation

To dream about Standing next to admiral explained:

If you dream of seeing an admiral represents your need for direction and authority. You need direction with your life. If your are an admiral in your dream means that you have power issues and need to relax. You like to give authority over others. Do you remember who you where giving orders too?Maybe you should ease up on that person.

To see an admiral means that it is probable that you will have a relationship or friendship with someone in the military or have business that will require you to become associated with people in the military.

Observing standing water in your dream, such as in a ditch or a pit, tells of being faced with unfavorable events. You might have to deal with scandals or unfortunate events in the future. It can also mean that you could have conflict either with people who are close to you or with someone you just met for the first time.

Dreaming that a raven is perched right next to you, like a trained pet or a raven which landed beside you in the vision, means you may be spiraling into depression. The proximity of the raven in this type of dream scenario suggests the emotional darkness that threaten to overwhelm you, perhaps because you are very dissatisfied about your career or romantic relationship. Things may not be going according to your plan and you feel like you are slowly losing control over your own life.

Dreaming that you will argue with an admiral is a warning that difficulties are going to arise in your life from your lack of control over your emotions in certain situations.

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