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To dream about altar explained:

May represent spirit or spirituality.

To see an altar in ruins whether it is partially ruined or completely destroyed is a sign that you will engage in a scientific or commercial opportunity that will allow you to explore new things.

Dreaming about seeing a church altar could translate the availability of support. Namely, it is possible that you could be about to go through a time of need. However, those with whom you have a close relationship with would offer their help, advice and support. Moreover, you could rely on their assistance for the resolution of your problem, including employment or business issues.

To see an altar with a priest standing right next to it can be an omen of looming difficulties getting ready to affect your life. This will also produce a series of arguments amongst the immediate family or create conflicts within your business relationships.

To see a ritual by the altar is a disturbing sign that suggests you will be subjected to extreme and cruel treatment in life. For example, you may have to experience a long-term period of separation from your significant other due to an unanticipated event. It can also mean you will experience a very difficult period of miscommunication at work.

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  6. Ex-boyfriend fighting with another person and then appearing at the altar - Seeing your ex-boyfriend trying to communicate with you in a dream is a bad sign. If you are currently seeing someone else, it could mean that this relationship could be in jeopardy or failing, which ... Learn More!


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